Statement of Purpose

In solidarity with the Occupy movements that have now grown worldwide, Occupy Chapman operates out of Chapman, Kansas.  Its founders, both transplants from Staten Island, believe that the greatest ideal in the Declaration of Independence is the “pursuit of happiness.”

We ask not for the happiness itself but the ability to pursue it.  And it is our belief that the ability to pursue has been inhibited by institutional forces who currently possess power.

Much like the Occupy movement itself, Occupy Chapman does not believe in geographic restrictions.  We welcome all supporters, with a special hat tip to our neighbors in Chapman, and former neighbors in Staten Island.


We shall decree that our goals are not brash or bold. We shall normally maintain over stirring the pot but not this day. Together we have spoken out over the injustices placed on our united people. Out society has values which we’ve instilled in our youth. Our aged generation has found these values invalid. Validation which we all deserve but from who?
To determine our villains we find ourselves facing a perplexing conundrum. The ideals of a proper villain are shown to our generation through television and cinema. Aside from documentaries our perfect visions of evil are limited to fictional characters. Sorry to say but we just don’t know who to battle.
We have two options in government or corporations but which to battle is decidedly difficult. We beg and plead our government not to remain uninvolved leaving our corporations to run rampant on our society. If we blame corporations we blame the very actions and values capitalism is based on. The mighty shall prosper but the middle class shall be burdened with the weight of society. It will always be our burden to carry, which is why we gather in these days of need.

We must be held accountable for our actions. We must hold our faults against ourselves before we fight our fight with purity. And our message must be pure for it to be honored. We must admit to our greed. We must admit to our own naivety and gluttony. And most of all, our wrath, at least in a metaphysical manner. Without the admission of guilt we cannot be held blameless in our societal issues that we claim as injustices.

Without blame there can be no consequences. Without victims there can be no blame. For there to be a victim, they, being said victim, must be blameless in the current situation. For the longest time, we fought fire with fire. With our changing times we eventually must change with them. We are at the precipice of change but we must change ourselves before we alter the world. Changing one’s self is sadly more difficult than changing the world. But it is infinitely more possible.

The possibilities at hand are within our grasps but we must gather them as one. We have created a group, we have created unity, but we have not created a unified message. We need to believe together in one ideal–a significant unified message screaming into the night and day with passion our generation has never seen before. We appreciate the compassion and contempt. We believe in a change and that time is now. We demand a change.
Our demands are simple. It starts with us. Once we change we will further our progress, but our demands start with ourselves. We must demand more of ourselves, more of our ambitions, a more perfect union. We come closer to striving for our best possible society for the people but that should not be our goal. The people hold the power to change but do not waste that power. Change can be made for the better without sacrificing our great nation. This nation is still a great one because our people make it great. Do not give our people a poor name due to our greed. There is an answer within compromise but compromise cannot be gained until a single unified message can be obtained. Gain solidarity. Gain unification. Create the ideal fit for all accompanied parties before we choose our next path. But please choose wisely for it is the people who take the brunt of our accumulated pain. As we stay strong our message will remain. A message more important than society itself. Stay strong. Stay unified. Stay on our message for it will be the lasting words of our generation.