Teachers: Leave Us Kids Alone

by occupychapman

 Broken down to its simplest elements, education is nothing more than a  prolonged series of questions and answers. Until one begins to ask  questions, they will never receive answers. As a result, they will never  have the opportunity to learn.

Therefore, as educators, we must instill curiosity, not intelligence; as  students, we must remain wondering. Without curiosity, and the ability  to satisfy it, we will perpetually exist as consumers instead of producers.  It is our ability to produce that once made us a great nation—the  automobile, the space shuttle, Hollywood movies, fast food. But our  ability to self-sustain has withered with our desire to wonder,  jeopardizing our way of life.

Of course, our formal educational systems must provide the tools necessary to enable learning, but we believe that education is not an export unique to traditional schooling systems. Grading systems have become politicized at the hands of hapless bureaucrats, relegating education to a process of conformity. We believe that education is not solely accumulated in the classroom, but through a series of life experiences. Education is best borne out of necessity.

When people first started to settle in the Midwest, one rancher faced the problem of keeping his cattle from wandering off of the property. So he created a fence with sharp barbs in order to contain the cattle. This eventually gave berth barbed wire.

Unfortunately, we are currently restricted by a mental barbed wire. And we must hop the fence.